Welcome to The Red Ribbon Trail

Coming soon in 2016!
About The Red Ribbon Trail:
The Red Ribbon Trail is a multimedia presentation of the true story of a seven year creative journey that began when a lost children’s book by the once famous artist Frederick Waugh is rediscovered.  Published almost 100 years ago, the fantastic illustrations were inspired by the twisted roots of ancient spruce trees on the mystical island of Monhegan, Maine and the Native American art collection housed in the Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey. 

While researching the artist’s life, a series of synchronistic events began to unlock the secrets of a magical painting found in storage at the Ulrich Museum, Kansas.  Paul followed a trail of clues through art history, music, Ancient Wisdom, Native American culture, Celtic Mythology and Quantum Physics that challenged his thoughts on coincidence, unveiled the Secret Language and quite possibly the mystery of the Grail.

About the speaker:
Paul Royka is a nationally known fine art & antique appraiser, author and artist.  He has written several books on antiques as well as appearing on television.  He combined his academic pursuits with his love of art & antiques by attaining a BA from Clark University, Worcester, MA and an MA in Philosophy from Claremont Graduate University in California.  He also attended St. Andrews University in Scotland where he received a certificate in philosophy and awarded an Oxford travel grant.

If you are interested in hosting the multimedia presentation The Red Ribbon Trail
please contact Paul at pkentroyka@gmail.com